Oh, yeah. Sorry, my head is everywhere. That must have been cool though. Did you get to buy a half of DAft Punk or how did that even work out? I’ve never actually done a group costume before but I think they’re hilarious.  So I hope they do decide to go along with your idea, just so I can see that! He has been nice to me every time we’ve talked, but no, not really… I want to go to an Ivy League, I don’t know if that’ll happen. But thank you.

No, all of that is just really easy for me. Yeah, I feel the same way with my roommate, and I can’t blame her for that.

It’s okay! It happens to the best of us! I just went by myself. I made the gold helmet, you know? And it was just that, plus the suit that I wore. I didn’t do the gloves or something. Back in high school, my friends and I had a team Pokemon costume! That was cool! But I haven’t done one with the Tri-Lamb guys yet! Oh, thanks! I hope they agree to it, too! That’s great, Schuyler can be a really good guy! Nice, I hope you make it in! Or get scholarship money or whatever it takes for you to get in!

That’s what makes me say you’re so smart! That’s not so easy for everyone! You’re creative at the very least! Yeah, I don’t blame the guys either.


Oh so that’s what you’re going as? Daft Punk? Well, thanks. Schuyler’s really nice, right? I mean he’s even offered me to be one of you guys when I go to college, but I’m not really planning on staying in Ravenwood. 

Oh god, no. I-I wish I could, I’m not that smart. You have to see my dorm or bedroom back home. I’m sure my roommate in Rosewood Academy hates me with all the trash I keep there.

No! That was last year at that masked homecoming thing. I’m still not sure who I’m going to be yet! I’m trying to see if some of my friends want to do like a group costume or if it’s just going to be me! But I gotta find out soon so that we can start planning it and working on it! Wow, that’s really nice of him! Oh yeah? Do you have your dream school picked out already? I mean, Ravenwood would be lucky to have you if you did decide on going there!

Of course you are! I mean, you’d have to  be to come up with all the stuff that you do! Yeah, I know some of the guys aren’t always happy with how my room is sometimes.


Oh, I agree with you. There’s nothing more fun that making your own things. And yes, of course. I think you’re cool. Aren’t you a Tri Lamb?

Not a secret. I’m trying not to jinx it because whenever I talk about my invention, I ruin them.

Yeah! Like, a year ago I was just putting finishing touches on a daft punk helmet! And it’s just knowing that you did it is so rewarding! And cheaper, most of the time! O-Oh. I mean, Thanks. I, uh, I think you’re cool, too! Uh, yeah! Schuyler recruited me like, last year or something.

I’m sure you don’t ruin them, I mean, you’re so smart! I’m sure you could fix them!


Oh, so you come up with your own ones instead of buying then? That makes you even cooler. 

My plans for Halloween are probably tagging along with my friends wherever they decide to go. But have a really good costume if I don’t ruin it!

Yeah! I think it makes it more fun-Wait, cool? I-uh- Really? I, I mean - Thanks!

Oh, so you’re trying to keep it a secret? Trying to surprise everyone?

“ What memory would you use to produce a Patronus Charm? And what would your Patronus be? ” — Anonymous

Iunno! Um, let me think….Hm….That’s a hard one! Ooh, I got an idea! I think I’d use maybe this memory of my whole family, back when we were all together, going to the forest preserve together. And we brought a picnic and stuff so we were going to eat lunch by the lake. It was a really nice trip! Before, I helped my mom pack the food that we were going to eat and we added special surprises for Dad and my sisters. I remember that they were smiling when they saw them. And I remember, when I got really tired from walking for so long, Mom gave me a piggyback ride and pointed out all the different animals and trees. The picnic was really good and it seemed like everyone was really happy! I think this was a couple years before Rachel went off to college and it was definitely before Mom got sick…So, I must’ve been like 5 or 6 at the time, which means that Rachel must’ve been like 15 and Molly must’ve been like 12. Yeah, I think that sounds right….I’m not sure, but it was a really nice time, and everyone was really happy and so yeah, I’d probably pick that one! Maybe, but I mean, it’s hard to know what memory you’d use until you’re doing it and figuring out which memory works the best for the charm, you know?

Hm, another hard one! Maybe like…an octopus! That would be cool! Or maybe one of those sled-racing dogs! Or a monkey! Or maybe a whale, a whale would be really cool! Especially if it was a Blue Whale! But, that might be a little impractical, if your patronus can’t even fit in the classroom that it was cast in. It’d be an outdoors-only patronus, probably. Same with a giraffe. A chinchilla patronus would be cool! And so fast for delivering messages! Or imagine if it was a bee! Or a mosquito! A heron would be cool! Or an antelope! Or a kangaroo! Ooh- what about one of those poison dart frogs? That’d be really cool! And, if it’s always that blue color like in the movies, then they might blend in, too! Well, I mean, if poison dart frogs were native to the area. Because, obviously they’d blend in with other poison dart frogs. I think if you just saw a poison dart frog sitting around it wouldn’t really blend in at all. Or you’d think there was like a leak at the zoo. Or that someone was breeding them for some weird reason. Or that someone is like harboring and black market dealing poison dart frogs. And I don’t think that’s legal in the UK. But I don’t know. And wait, would muggle law apply to wizards in muggle dealings? Like, I’m not sure wizarding law would apply to poison dart frogs, I’m not sure they’d think to think of poison dart frogs. Maybe I should reread the series soon. Yeah, that’d be a good idea probably.


That’s what I’m talking about! It’s so cool that you have a countdown too, wow.

Of course I have a countdown! I have to figure out some sort of timeline for costumes! I mean, there’s so much to do still and if I let the time fly by then I won’t get anything done and my costume won’t be ready in time!

Do you have any Halloween plans yet?


Why is no one talking about the fact that Halloween is right around the corner? Like, October is the best month ever, am I right?

I know! Only six weeks and one day until Halloween! There isn’t enough time to plan it all out!


"That’s it, when people call we come. Eh… not really anything more than a  speculation. A few people think they have something but it’s only mundane things for the most part. But I’m the one who looks up all there is to know, maybe one day there really will be the big break."


"Cool! If I ever see anything, I’ll tell you! Maybe something will show up and you can have a big break and get in the papers or something! You could get your own TV show or something! I mean, there’s a lot of ghost shows on Syfy!"

I hate getting brochures from colleges in the mail


I’m not really approaching anything, just kind of living, man. 


Well, approach to handling life, y’know!

I hate getting brochures from colleges in the mail


You have an interesting way of thinking Landon, anyway I’m not moping if that’s what you’re thinking I was just saying. 


Thanks! I wasn’t! I’m sure your approach works just as well!