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Tessa smiled to herself when Landon missed her joke. He was adorable like that, and she knew she’d made the right choice coming to see him. The fact that she even managed a genuine smile was a great start. Their friendship wasn’t one that she’d been able to pick from the beginning, but maybe that was why it worked so well. And maybe she needed someone like him, someone that didn’t run in the stereotypical popular circle, and had no idea of who she’d been before college.

It concerned her a little when he kept mentioning things about the food situation in the house. No grocery shopping for weeks? Out of date food and juice? With both Landon and his father there they had to be going through food faster than every two weeks. She didn’t want to be judgmental though, so she just leaned against the counter and shook her head, “No marshmallows is fine.”

The Saverin house wasn’t a work of art, true, but she wasn’t lying when she said she thought it was lovely. It felt lived in, welcoming; unlike her own home where nothing could be out of place where a visitor might see it. “I know, I know, I just feel a bit silly for showing up like this on such short notice. I probably woke up your parents with the doorbell and everything. Next time I promise I’ll come over at a reasonable time and I’ll bring cake.” she chuckled, knowing how appreciative Landon was when she offered him leftovers from the bakery.

Landon noticed Tessa smiling, but he wasn’t quite sure why, but he just smiled back. That was the nice thing to do, right? It was the only normal thing that felt right to do. Maybe he’d missed something. Even if he hadn’t, then it was just being polite.

"Alright." he said. He finally pulled out the tin he’d been looking for, pulling off the lid and checking if there was already a spoon inside the tin. Luckily there was, but he pulled another spoon out from a drawer for the cup, whenever it would be out. "We might have whipped cream, though. I haven’t checked."

"It’s fine. You didn’t wake anyone up. Newt and I were already up. Well, Newt wasn’t. But I think he’s already gone back to sleep. So, you’re okay." Landon said, leaning to the left to see if he could catch a glimpse of his dog on the couch, but it appeared he couldn’t, so he just shrugged, waiting for the microwave to go off. "Cake? That’s really nice of you." he remarked, smiling at the thought. Thank goodness it was off season. He probably should’ve been a bit more diligent on what he was eating. He told himself that he could start watching what he was eating in August, though, when he was preparing for Cross Country. For now, he’d eat those three funnel cakes and the cake that Tess said she’d bring over.

panic recovery || hufflepuff homies


Following Landon inside, she was glad to see he was his usual self for the most part. After hearing what he’d had to endure she thought she’d come off relatively easy with the haunted house as her challenge. Shaking her head, she declined his offer of food, not feeling quite right and not wanting to risk making herself sick in a friend’s home. “You haven’t been shopping in that long? How big is your fridge?” she chuckled, trying to keep things as normal as possible. She didn’t want to think about Panic too much, at least not until she’d had a good night’s sleep.

"A hot chocolate would be nice actually, yeah." she nodded, habitually pressing down on the band-aid on her hand to make sure it wasn’t coming off. She was going to have to make a trip to the doctor in the morning to get it checked out. The last thing she wanted was to get sick. What use would she be to her friends and sisters if she was stuck in bed when they needed her? Though her first evaluation and the word dependent stuck in her mind. Brushing the thought away, she smiled at Landon again, not that she was sure that it was helping to make her seem any more okay. Even as shaken up as she was she wasn’t going to forget her manners, looking around the room, “This really isn’t how I imagined my first visit to your house would be. It’s lovely, by the way…”

"Iunno. Normal sized?" he guessed with a shrug. It wasn’t like the fridge he’d seen at Gage or Harry house, or even at the frat house. Just….normal. He’d just been eating a lot of pb and j sandwiches. And cleaning out leftovers and old foods. He didn’t mind having some tuna from the can and raisins for dinner. He’d eaten more like a college student in the past couple of weeks than he had his entire first two semesters. But that was fine. He’d remember to go to the grocery store before his dad came home again.

"Sure, coming right up." He nodded, rummaging through the cupboards to find one of the mismatched mugs. This one, in particular, from the Corp of Engineers. He filled it with water, putting it in the microwave before beginning to dig through the pantry to find the hot chocolate mix. "I don’t think we have any marshmallows, if that’s okay. Or, if we do, they’re probably a decade old."

"Oh. Thanks." he stammered, a bit surprised by the comment, but smiling. He knew his house was a bit shabby. It was pretty small compared to a lot of the houses he’d seen around town. And no one had done any major work on the house in probably 10 years. Even their washing machine had seen better days. He was used to hearing words like "homey" and "quaint" when used to describe his house. "Lovely" was usually reserved for people’s homes who’d had someone re-paint it or even touch anything on a regular basis. "It’s fine, It’s just visiting my house. It’s not like it’s a big deal or something." he shrugged, not wanting her to worry about how this was her first visit.

panic recovery || hufflepuff homies


After the challenge was finished, Tessa had made sure her housemates were all okay before heading home. She wanted to be alone, but at the same time couldn’t think of anything worse than sitting in her room reliving the night over and over. Her first instinct was to call Kirby, but knowing how he’d react she decided she’d wait until she’d calmed down and cleaned herself up. Aside from a few scratches on her legs and the bite on her hand she was fine, so after she’d showered and changed into clean clothes she flashed herself a forced smile in the mirror. She looked as normal as ever.

When she arrived at Landon’s house it was late, so she felt bad about ringing the doorbell in case she woke up his dad, but being outside in the dark was making her uncomfortable so she didn’t hesitate to press it twice. As he opened the door she smiled weakly, figuring she had no reason to pretend to feel better than she did around him, “Sorry, I know it’s late and you probably want to sleep, I just…” she shrugged and ran a hand through her hair, “I keep thinking about rats being under my bed and in my pillows and gnawing my face off while I sleep and I really wanted to make sure you were okay and…”

"No, you’re fine. Newt and I were just working on some Voltron stuff. Come in, come in." Landon assured, shaking his head and offering her a smile.  He then stepped aside, opening the door for her, urging her in with the wave of his hand. He wanted to show her it was okay that she come in. Also, he didn’t want all the pesky mosquitoes and moths from outside to get in. The last thing he needed was to be bit inside his own house.

"Do you want anything to eat? I don’t think I’ve gone grocery shopping for like two weeks, but I’m sure I could find something." he offered. In truth, he hadn’t eaten since his own panic challenge. Every time he thought about it, it was like he could feel throwing up all over again. He’d stuck to ice water and brushing his teeth and he hoped that it would be better in the morning. Maybe it was the nerves, but he could still feel a ball of tension in the pit of his stomach. He had never considered himself afraid of things that spun. He loved the Tilt-a-Whirl and Carousel and any other ride that had to do with spinning. It must’ve just been the atmosphere and the unexpected nature of it. It was the deception that bothered him the most. That he thought things were okay and safe when they weren’t. Of course, he was able to manage. He was standing there, wasn’t he? But it had thrown him off a little. "Anything to drink? Tea? Water? Hot Chocolate? I think we’ve got some expired Orange Juice…." he mumbled, still listing off what he had. He hadn’t had someone that wasn’t Duke over in a while, it made him feel like he had to be extra nice, just in case. Especially if they looked as scared s Tessa did right then and there.

Post-Panic Text || Hufflepuff Homies
Post-Panic Text || Hufflepuff Homies
something clever about spinning || panic 02

Name: something clever about spinning

Date: The Carnival thing.

People Mentioned: Ben Saverin (NPC), Aviva Saverin (Deceased), Duke Hudson, Gage Archibald, Tessa Lisbon

Notes: landon apparently goes ham about his carnival food and now regrets it.

Word Count:  616

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“ [text] I haven't, it's been that long! what kind of dog is it?? ”agnes-notagoonie

[TEXT]: I don’t know, when we got him, they said he was a mutt. They told us what some of the breeds were but I don’t remember any of them. It’s been too long.

“ [text] newt??? ”agnes-notagoonie

[TEXT]: Have you not met Newt yet??? He’s really great, I promise. He’s a fun dog.

“ [text] i will definitely be taking you up on that offer. expect me to randomly appear at your door at given time ”agnes-notagoonie

[TEXT]: Alright! Newt and I are excited already!

“ [text] but i haven't seen you in ages!? ”agnes-notagoonie

[TEXT]: You can come over any time if you want. I’ve just got work and working on Voltron and this Panic thing and sometimes Duke comes over, but nothing else! So, you should come over sometime.